Automatic Vehicle Classier

AVC109 Contactless Automatic Vehicle Classier
Accurate & Low Maintenance

 •  Designed in accordance to the standards set by the Ministry of Transportation.
 •  Use optical sensing technology, thus less wear and tear. Minimum maintenance.
 •  Simple installation that does not require any civil construction works at lane.
 •  Fully functional under any weather conditions.
 •  Precise recognition of truck and normal vehicle.
 •  Fast classification of truck and normal vehicle.
 •  A unique DSP formula for anti-pedestrian interference.
 •  High accuracy, high adaptability.

Automatic vehicle classifier (AVC) differentiates vehicles and classifies them according to the toll fare categorization by
vehicle type. In comparison with human judgment, the classification is faster and more efficient. While deferring human
fraud and judgement error in manual lanes, it complements the operation of unmanned lanes such as ETC and
automatic card dispensing lanes.

Transpeed AVC109 deploys a simple yet highly advanced horizontal optics scanning technology that detects the body
and wheel size of a vehicle. A pattern recognition intelligence and data rendering logic then identify and classify the
vehicle accurately in less than 0.5 second. The system is capable of classifying a vehicle that is travelling at up to 50
KM/hrs. The technology is simple in structure, and yet scores high in its precision. Dues to the non-contact nature of the
optic sensors and the fact that no on-ground sensors or detection loops are required, wear and tear of the AVC is
minimum. No periodical replacement of parts is required.

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