Automatic Vehicle Classier

LVP108 Lidar Based Automatic Vehicle Classier

  • Accurate & Immediate Classification
  • Multiple Vehicle Types
  • Grade 1 Safe Laser Scanning
  • Strong Anti-Interference
  • Maintenance Free

LVP108 classifies vehicle using the laser technology. Using safe laser beams, the system scans a passing vehicle multiple times to instantly map the shape of the vehicle and obtain its’ complete measurements and various parameters. These inputs will then be channeled to the core processor for classifying the vehicle. In addition, other details such as vehicle features, behavior, driving direction, vehicle load condition etc will be obtained. 

When LVP108 is installed at automatic ticket dispensing lanes, it will resolve the issues of ticket theft. When deployed at ETC lanes, it verifies vehicle type accurately before toll fare is collected. LVP108 is designed for future expansion of ETC on heavy vehicles.


  • Vehicle Length: measures vehicle length accurately.
  • Vehicle Front & Body Height: precise measurement; warning on exceptional cases.

  • Classification: the standard setting classifies passenger cars into 4 types and trucks into 5 types. The classification method is customizable.

  • Accuracy Rate: classification accuracy is >= 98%. This is equivalent to the conventional manual classification rate.

  • Vehicle Load: via its’ height, detects if a vehicle is fully loaded or empty.

  • Shape Feature: scans the vehicle shape to determine its features. Could be used to identify special entry or exit vehicles.

  • Vehicle Type: accurately differentiates passenger cars and trucks. Identifies ambiguous vehicles such as pickup trucks.

  • Container Trucks: accurately identifies 20’, 40’ container.

  • Vehicle Direction: detects vehicles that reverse after taking transit ticket, after reaching the barrier loop and other abnormal driving behaviors.

  • No Detection Loop: when a vehicle enters the LVP108 detection zone, the classification will be activated automatically. Loops are not required and this simplifies the installation while improves the reliability of the system.

  • Eliminate Error: classification is immediate. The software doesn’t need any queuing algorithm which are highly error prone.

  • Tail-gating: with an in-between vehicle distance of < 20cm, the system accurately separates the vehicles and classifies each accurately to facilitate toll collection.

  • Approaching Vehicle Speed: accurate classification at vehicle speed of ≤ 60 km/hr.

  • Super Long Vehicle: the system classifies vehicles that are > 18m in length.

  • Anti-interference: the system identifies interference from external entities such as pedestrians, small objects etc. The classification will not be distorted.

  • No Maintenance: under normal usage, the system doesn’t required any maintenance.

  • Long Operation Life: the guaranteed service life span is > 5 million cycles.




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