Toll Transit Card Dispenser

The Perfect Solution in Management of Toll Transit Cards.

Operation challenges in the management of toll transit card circulation escalate tremendously with the increase of traffic volume at an
expressway. Acknowledging this immediate need, Transpeed has developed a precise and accurate toll transit card management system. In this solution, all transit cards are accountable for and an intelligent card cartridge is used as the main medium to track card movements between entry lanes, exit lanes, card initialisation station and storage at plazas. Transit cards could be dispensed to road users either automatically or semi-automatically. When the cards are returned at exit lanes, they are stored back to the card cartridges. Spare cards are kept and identified accurately using smart cabinets at the plaza. In summary, every transit card is tracked precisely, thus eliminates the issue of card fraud and card loss.

The patented Synchronous Soft Drive technology is core of all Transpeed card dispensers and receivers. This precision technology accepts cards with different thickness and could handle old cards, dirty cards and surface damaged cards. It offers an unpresented stability, reliability and accuracy in the handling of transit cards.

Transpeed Toll Transit Card Management System

Manual entry toll lane: Toll operator dispenses a card from card cartridge using TCR12D and hand its over to a road user.

Manual exit toll lane: Toll operator receives a transit card and inserts the card into TCR12R. System calculates the toll fare and returns
the card to card cartridge.

Circulation of cards at toll lanes: When a card cartridge at an exit lanes is full, the cartridge will be removed from TCR12R. The
cartridge could be circulated to a TCR8 or a TCR12D on another entry lane. Alternatively, spare cartridges could be kept in the intelligent smart card cabinet at plaza.

Automatic card dispenser at entry lanes: A full cartridge could be inserted into a TCR8. The automatic card dispenser will track the
cartridge ID and the quantity of cards in it before starting automatic card dispensing when a vehicle approaches the lane.


  • Cards are circulated in an enclosed environment using the card cartridges. In card dispensing, card receiving and circulation, all cards are accountable for. This reduces card loss and card fraud.
  • When cards are dispensed or received into a cartridge, the cartridge count is updated automatically. The cartridge could be circulated immediately to the next operation point without needing further verification or control. Operation at plaza is simplified while its efficiency is improved.
  • An IC chip is installed in every cartridge to store its ID. Using its ID and the tracking of its card count at all times, every card in circulation is accurately monitored and managed.
  • The mechanism of the card machines are simply and it uses a flexible card transmission technology. The machines are highly reliable and low in maintenance.


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