Card Dispenser

Transpeed Card Dispensing/Receiving Technology

Synchronous Soft Drive Technology
TCR8 uses the new generation of high compatibility mechanism in card machine, accept all kinds of different thickness card, old or new card, surface damaged card, bended card, and does not hurt the card.

High Compatibility features from new generation card technology

The core mechanism technology is patented in China .
Patent no. 200920040088.4

Independent card separation
The principle of dispensing card is to separate the top card from a pile of cards. The conventional way of card separation uses friction or hook. The friction type of card separation users a rubber roller to rub against the card and perform separation. The separation will have difficulties if the card surface is greasy or with water-damaged. .As for the hook type of card separation, the disadvantage is it required high precision .If the card surface is not close to the hook ,then the card cannot be hooked out. Worst case is the rigid mechanism of the hook will cause card stuck or damage to the card.

TCR8 machine used a dedicated synchronized separation belt to move the tip of the card.

The card separation motion follow the principle of page flipping with human fingers, the curve motion design and flexible material used will not damage the card or cause card stuck. The card separation mechanism is able to repeat the process if it failed the first time.

Flexible linear drive mechanism
The card will transit smoothly from the card holder by a dedicated synchronous transmission belt. The actuation process and the card separation process are done at the same time. The structure designed and materials used are reliable for long run even the card transition process is blocked, it will not cause card damage.

Reduce the precision requirement
The card separation and transition use flexible contact, therefore it does not require high precision on card actuation process, it can handle cards with different thickness, deformed cards and other problem cards.


High reliability
* Zero-downtime design
- Capacity of 2400 cards per installation to meet the growing volume of cars.
- Uninterrupted card installation, zero-downtime design
- Four interchangeable cartridges, automatic change over on empty cartridge
* Intelligent switching design, up to four times reliability

Able to switch to the next cartridge for re-issuing the cards, if any fault happened during the machine operation, for example cartridge empty, read-write failure, dispensing card failure etc.

At any one time, there are three reserved cartridges while one cartridge is working, this is beyond the possibility of manual lane operations.
    Zero Maintenance
* New zero maintenance optical sensor.
Uses dustproof optical sensor, and vertical installation ,thus avoiding the common problem on conventional card machine that is easy to accumulate dust, hard to perform cleaning and high maintenance. The modern technology of our card machine has reduced the on-site maintenance work to half.
* Circuit module
Four sets of machine mechanism have individual control circuit board, it uses special industrial flapper structure which is easy to replace on site, short MTTR (Mean time to recovery).

Easy to use
* User friendly interface, easy to understand and simple operation
- Automated voice alert and provide instructions to driver to push button to collect card.
- Sound and light alert while user collecting card
- Automatic lane barrier will be raised after the card has been collected by the driver.
- Press intercom button for help directly to the control room
- LED backlit screen, eye-catching
* Four different levels of card dispensing, suitable for all types of vehicles. Have more advantages when compared to regular card machine which has 1 upper and 1 lower card dispensing outlets.

* Anti-collision warning flash lights.
The card machines are often damaged by large size vehicles crashing into it. The TCR8 has Red flashing lights installed along its side facing the approach direction of on-coming vehicles. The flashing lights are able to alert the driver to maintain a reasonable distance, hence reducing the occurrence of accidents.
    Interference free
* Smart card dispenser power adjustment function (China Patent : 200920235362.3)
When card dispensing function failes (such as card deformation, greasy dirt on card etc), the spiral driven mechanism can be automatically adjusted to increase the card pushing power to complete the card issuance process. This is to avoid human manual intervention.

* The redundancy design together with intelligent fault diagnosis and recovery has enable the TCR8 machine to be truly automatic and unmanned in its operations.

The Four sets of machine mechanism and the cartridges are completely independent from each other, it function as complementary backup on redundancy design. If only one set remain functioning, the card issuance process will still function normally. Maintenance and repair can be
carried out without any interruption, which is crucial for high traffic flow.

Intelligent breakdown diagnosis, automatic change over will be triggered upon card issuance failure.
Remote monitoring on device status and card quantity from control room, reminder sent automatically when card count in cartridge is low.

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