Automatic Lane Barrier / ALB

Transpeed A3 Ultrafast Automatic Lane Barrier
0.3sec Closing/Opening Speed

Why choose the Super High Speed ALB?

  1. Increase vehicle throughput in ETC lanes - It can achieves 2 to 3 times the normal vehicle throughput.
    The opening and closing time is reduced by half (as compared to 0.6 sec ALB). The drive through speed can be increased to
    40Km/Hr, while the normal speed is 10-15Km/Hr. It can greatly increase the efficiency of the ETC lanes thereby achieving almost a
    free-flow operation.
  2. Avoid Toll Deduction Error
    Due to its super high speed, the A3 automatic lane barrier can be installed at the extreme end of the antenna coverage zone.This helps to increase the effective coverage area of an ETC antenna.

The Advantages

  • Prevent the occurrence of a tail gating vehicle without an ETC Tag to pass through the automatic lane barrier together with the front car thus escape paying toll.
  • The high speed passage through the ETC lane will increase the distance between the front and the following vehicle thereby
    reducing the toll fare deduction error.
High Speed Opening, Increasing Lane Effectiveness
With Transpeed A3’s unprecedented high speed opening and closing of just 0.3 seconds, the traffic throughout of lane are
improved drastically, allowing each lane to accommodate a larger amount of traffic. In the long run, especially for main
toll stations that govern the entrance into and exit out of city, the system will increase the overall efficiency of the toll
collection operation. In addition, toll lanes equipped with A3 ALBs  are set ready for upgrade to ETC’s “FreeFlow” operation.

Eliminate Interference, Avoid Incorrect Toll Charging
Interference occurs when a tailing vehicle with an OBU is charged for an access make by the vehicle in front that
doesn’t possess a valid OBU. This is a prevalent issue at most ETC system and a super high speed ALB like A3
offers a good solution to the issue. Due to the super speed demonstrated by A3 in boom opening, the gap/distance
between the boom and the vehicle detection loop is significantly reduced. This in turn will reduce the size of the vehicle
detection loop and disallow 2 vehicles from entering the loop at the same time, thus eliminate interference and incorrect
toll charging. The improvement is achieved without installing any additional loop nor optical curtains that are usually
costly and require much maintenance.

Collision Safe Technology, Exceeding Safety Regulations
The A Series automatic lane barriers uses a patented “DQI” speed retarding technology. In the unlikely event when the ALB may come into contact with the vehicle in the final moment (within 25ms), the motor operating power will reduce to only 15%
of its normal operating speed and will stop immediately. Coupled with the use of a soft and flexible fibre boom, damage
to vehicle is minimised, if not totally eliminated.

Anti-Smash Car Safety Technology
High speed vehicle detector (HVD) can be connected to the ALB. In the event that a vehicle is detected when the
automatic lane barrier is closing, the barrier will react instantly and its arm will be lifted swiftly.

High Durability
STEP digital control system does not use any mechanical braking and is a gearless construct. This eliminates issues
and problems which are typically found in conventional systems, such as high maintenance, high failure rate and fast
depleting gear. The STEP system is suitable for prolong operation in a highly demanding work environment. With the
various functional gains in its design, the STEP architecture has truly achieved its original goal of creating ALB that is
both maintenance free and of low failure rate.

No Brake Sensors
By using a numerical system to directly and accurately control the motor stroke, the traditional method of braking the
arm while stopping is revolutionalised. A brake sensor unit is no longer required for this ALB.

Flexible Speed Setting
By adopting the STEP digital control system, speed of the A-Series barriers can be adjusted. The opening and closing
speed of the barrier arm can be set differently. During opening, the barrier can be set to open at the fastest time, while
during closing, the speed can be set to close at moderate speed to increase safety.

Soft Fiber Arm Soft Arm KB6
This arm is made up of high strength and light weighted carbon fibre. Its outer layer is made of highly elastic fibre. This
make the ALB arm light in weight, crash resistance, and does not damage the vehicle nor hurt any personnel during
its operation.
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