Company Profile

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment for parking and highway toll collection system. Our manufacturing plants are based in Suzhou Industrial Park, approximately 90km from Shanghai. We have supplied various toll equipment to the China and Asia market. To date, we are the market leader in the supply of automatic lane barrier for the ETC market in China, capturing over 80% of its market share. In smart card dispensing and receiving machines, we currently supplied close to 50% of the machines that are operating at various expressways in the country. Our R&D team is a strong joint research team between Singapore and China. We constantly strive to innovate and to improve the performance level of our product. Our product key strengths have always been their reliability and low maintenance in the long run.

We have established our international marketing office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Outside of China we have supplied to countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Vietnam. More than 1000 automatic lane barriers and 2000 units of smart card machines are in active operation in these countries.

Product Range

Our main product lines are:-
• Transpeed Automatic Lane Barriers, ranges from 0.3 sec to 1.8 sec in opening/closing time.
• Transpeed Automatic and Semi-Auto Smart Card Dispenser/Receiver machines.
• Transpeed Loose Cards Dispenser/Loader Machines
• Transpeed Padestrian Access Control Gates
• Transpeed Smart Card washing machines
• Transpeed AVC (Automatic Vehicle Classifier)
• Transpeed Smart Card tracking and storage cabinets
• Transpeed License Plate Recognition


Technical Achievements
   4 Major Technical Achievements

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