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The World Fastest
A3D 0.3 Second ALB
The A3 and A3D are the world’s fastest ALB at the moment. It has provided near perfect solution to the ETC Toll Fare Collection System. The super high speed opening time of the toll lane at 0.3 sec has provided a breakthrough in the mechanical reaction bottleneck of ALB mechanism.
It has brought ETC with barrier system a step closer to free flow operation.
High Reliability, User Friendly
The Proven TCR8 Card Dispenser
TCR8 uses the new generation of high compatibility mechanism in card machine, accept all kinds of different thickness card, old or new card, surface damaged card, bended card, and does not hurt the card.
Secure & Intelligent
Total Smart Card Management Solution
This is a complete and precise toll transit card management system. In this solution, all transit cards are accountable for and an intelligent card cartridge is used as the main medium to track card movements between entry lanes, exit lanes, card initialisation station and storage at plazas.
Precise, Fast & Reliable
Advance IR Vehicle Classifier
Transpeed AVC109 deploys a simple yet highly advanced horizontal optics scanning technology that detects the body and wheel size of a vehicle. A pattern recognition intelligence and data rendering logic then identify and classify the vehicle accurately in less than 0.5 second.
The World Fastest High Reliability, User Friendly Secure & Intelligent Precise, Fast & Reliable