Card Dispenser

TCR8 Self Service Automatic Card Dispenser

The innovative horizontal cartridge and card transmission is to accommodate large quantity of card issuance.

The conventional vertical cartridge has an excess weight problem due to the mass of the
cards.The friction of the cards rubbing against the wall of the cartridge creates a great
range of friction. It only hold 400 to 500 pieces of cards. TCR8 uses a patented
horizontal cartridge for card storage and transmission mechanism, which greatly
reduces the friction issue and enhance operational stability.

The card issuance process operates smoothly and allow the card capacity to increase to
600-700 pieces of cards. This will provide better solution for high traffic flow.

Highly stable spiral actuates -- avoids the flaw of spring
The card transmit through spiral actuated mechanism, this automation process is able to
handle different thickness of card. It is more stable and reliable i.e. no maintenance in
long run. It has overcome the problem of conventional spring strength weaken issue.

Advanced Design with Low-Power consumption Machine
The card machines are outdoor installation working at high
temperature environment. Our advanced design with low
power consumption and good ventilation control system
enables the machine to achieve high stability. The
non-fan cooling system work very well on the latest card

Special Temperature proof container to suit a wide range
of temperature variations
For working at extreme temperature locations, we have
designed a semiconductor control container that can
accommodate most common controlling mechanisms.
Even at extreme outside temperature of 50 degree C or
-40 degree C. its internal temperature will maintain within
normal operating range. The overall stability is greatly
improved with dustproof design to protect the motherboard
and hard drive.

Manual and Automatic – Cartridge installation
When loading or unloading the cartridge ,just press a
button the cartridge tray will automatically return to its
position. The motorised system and the manual operation
system operates independently, it will not increase system
complexity and failure rate.

Manual loading and machine loading of cards into cartridge
Unique dual mode loading system of cards, particularly
suitable for areas where loose cards systems are being
used. The TCR8 card machines can now be used at any
vehicle lane without any major changes of card management
systems. Manual card loading is very convenient and
card receiver machine at the exit lane is no longer a necessity.

Built-in information system.
The cartridge has a built in American MAXIM information
chip, encased in a stainless steel container, simple
programming. Life expectancy > 10 years. Storage
capacity from 1KB - 64KB. Able to record cartridg ID and
process flow information. For great IC card tracking, all
cards' serial number can be recorded if using 64KB
storage capacity.

Zero breakdown cartridges
Our cartridges are highly reliable , without any internal
spring or working mechanism it guarantees high
durability and reliability. The high strength stainless
steel structure ensures long term precision accuracy.
Significantly reduce the maintenance workload.

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