Automatic Lane Barrier / ALB

A6 High Speed Digital Automatic Lane Barrier

High Speed Automatic Lane Barrier

 •  Advance digital step servo system; delivering high speed precision with minimal error.
 •  High torque digital motor; minimal maintenance.
 •  Reliable industrial grade mechanical module that exceeds industry’s standard.
 •  Position sensor removed; stopping precision within <0.2 degrees; no impact, no vibration and adjustment free.

Digital Control System
Transpeed is the world leader in adopting the digital control system onto automatic lane barrier. The core component of its
A-series high speed ALB is the high-torque digital motors and its associated precision control driver unit. This design
was originally used in high precision CNC machining centres and it is a costly technology. Transpeed has successfully
adopted this technology with cost efficiency for its barrier series.

The most important feature of the digital control system (STEP) is its precise control over start and stop positioning.
With STEP, the Transpeed A-Series automatic lane barrier is able to achieve stopping precision of within < 0.2 degree. The design also eliminates the usage of mechanical braking mechanism and cushioning device in decelerating the ALB. Speed and positioning
are controlled in high precision, set based on operation requirements. The speed of the ALB can be adjusted
independently. It can readily be adapted from a manual toll collection to an electronic toll collection (ETC) system. The
A-Series automatic lane barrier has indeed achieved a major technical evolutional breakthrough in the ALB industry.

Superior Impact Safety Technology
The A Series ALB uses a patented “DQI” speed retarding technology. In the unlikely event when the barrier may
come into contact with the vehicle in the ô€€€nal moment (25ms) the motor operating power will reduce to only 15% of its
normal operating speed and will stop immediately. With the use of the soft fibre boom, there will be no damage to the

High Durability
STEP digital control system does not use any mechanical braking and is a gearless construct. This eliminates issues
and problems which are typically found in conventional systems, such as high maintenance, high failure rate and fast
depleting gear. The STEP system is suitable for prolong operation in a highly demanding work environment. With the
various functional gains in its design, the STEP architecture has truly achieved its original goal of creating an ALB that is
both maintenance free and of low failure rate.

Flexible and Adjustable Speed
By adopting the STEP digital control system, speed of the A-Series automatic lane barriers can be adjusted. The opening and closing
speed of the barrier arm can be set separately. When a barrier is in operation, its speed can be set to the fastest. When
closing a lane, the ALB can be lowered down gradually in moderate speed to ensure safety.

Anti-Crash Swing
When a vehicle hits the ALB, the barrier arm will open and swing away from the vehicle instantly, thus minimizing the
impact and damage to its motor.

Automatic Lift during Power Failure
In the event of power failure, A-Series automatic lane barrier could open up a lane automatically, and instantly. Without a clutch,
complex human intervention is avoided and operation disruption is minimized. This is especially important for ETC
(electronic toll collection) lanes as timely lifting of the barrier is crucial in the event of power failure.

Barrier Arm - KB7 Carbon Fiber Soft Arm
This arm is made up of high strength and light weighted carbon fibre. Its outer layer is made of highly elastic bre. This
make the barrier arm light in weight, crash resistance, and does not damage the vehicle nor hurt any personnel during
its operation.
Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC), Manual Toll Collection System
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