Card Dispenser

TCR12 Desktop Automatic Card Receiver / Dispenser

Cartridge loading/unloading and turn around cycle
TCR12 series of IC Automatic card dispenser and receiver machine is used for highway toll collection system and management.
With this equipment, the IC card is able to be interchanged between lanes. The machine has enable the turning around of the IC
card from hand to hand to between machine and machine. This has simplified the job of the toll-collector and the administrators
on card inventory at the end of the working shift. It also effectively avoids the loss of IC cards or any form of fraud during

TCR12 series of card dispenser and receiver machine has been upgraded with a flexible card transition technology. It is running
on an independent and at the same time synchronized separation mechanism on card transition, therefore effectively increases
the efficiency of card transition process. This technology work well and have good capability to handle different thickness of the
cards, deformed cards, dirty cards or damaged card. It eliminates the problems in conventional card machine.

Different designed cartridges can be selected to suit different usage or users. TCR12 series card machine can be configured to
use different types of cartridges :- (1) completely closed type (with magnetic lock), (2) semi-closed (3) open type. Completely
closed type cartridge can only load cards with the card receiver machine and dispense cards by the card dispensing machine. It is
not possible to access the cards manually. This method completely eliminates the problem of lost cards. The open cartridge is
most reliable and trouble free because it does not have any electrical or moving parts in the cartridge. The movement of cards is
controlled by machines and management systems. The common feature between both types of cartridges are they have an
information storage chip, to record card quantity and sequence serial number, enables card tracking and management.

New Soft Card Dispensing Technology
It adopts a new generation soft card dispensing technology which reduces the possibility of card stuck & damage to the
cards. The card dispensing mechanism use 2 sets of soft rubber belting to separate the cards and move the cards to
the dispensing mouth. This method is superior to the old method of using a metal hook which can cause card damage
and card stuck.

The I.C. Cards are kept in a horizontal position and forward motion is actuated by a motorized mechanism
When the cards are kept in a horizontal position, it reduces the card forward movement motion caused by its own
weight. A suitable slight incline also help in the forward motion and reduces friction. In addition, a motorized mechanism
is fitted to ensure a continuous movement of the cards. In the unlikely event of card stuck, the motor will automatically
increase its power and vibrate the cards to move the cards forward. This mechanism is a great improvement over the
conventional vertical card storage system with spring loaded dispensing method.

Simple Mechanism, Low maintenance
The mechanism of the machine is very simple and there are very few moving parts. The card dispensing mechanism is
at the machine & not at the cartridge. It greatly enhances the reliability of the machine. The optical sensor is fitted in a
vertical position and completely concealed. This design reduces the possibilities of dust gathering & blocking the
smooth function of the optical sensor.

Maintenance Free Cartridge
The cartridge is made from aluminum alloy with a magnetic lock at the dispensing mouth. This lock prevents card lost
during transit. There are no moving parts inside the cartridge. Therefore, it is maintenance free.

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